One of the unique things about The Flooring Nook is that in addition to remodeling and installation help, we offer premier design services that make it easy to create the best space possible. Whether you’re looking to add that custom backsplash or hardwood flooring, are looking to update your laminate flooring or finally install that fireplace, our specialists are here to guide you along the way.

Stopping by our store means working with in-house designers to provide the assistance and support you need to get the house you deserve. We are a soundboard who are skilled in taking your ideas and concepts and turning them into a reality. At The Flooring Nook, you won’t simply find the custom showers, tile flooring, and kitchen or bathroom flooring you’re hoping for. Because in addition to all these things, you’ll get the design expertise and guidance to make your space become your home.

With a breadth of knowledge concerning industry trends, a team who’s dedicated to giving you the one-on-one design help you need, and a store that’s committed to meeting your budget in the most reasonable way possible, it’s no wonder that The Flooring Nook is Missouri’s Top Rated Local® craftsman, flooring, and remodeling store. Contact our team today to get started.